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 I want to thank Claudette for the outstanding job she did in turning my memoir manuscript into a tangible art piece. Her service was amazing, she helped in so many ways. She encouraged me to rethink some of my phrasing and sentence structure and change some chapters around to create a better story flow. She also cleaned up wrong dates and timelines. I changed most of the character's names but wasn't consistent; without her meticulous approach, my book would have been a mess with the character's names changing from chapter to chapter! She also reworked a photo I wanted for my book cover and had Lisa do the cover design for me. She did the layout of the book and advised on a suitable book size and type of paper. I wouldn't have thought of all these things.  Thanks to her I got the best price for printing my books at iPrintPlus. On top of this, she took care of the upload, not only for the printing but to Amazon as an eBook. I didn't know there could be issues with changing from pdf to Word and vice versa but Claudette knows all that stuff. I have to say, there were a few typos that got through and it disappointed me but to be fair to Claudette, she had advised me to do a thorough final check but I was lazy and I missed them and was still sore at her. I am however, very happy with what she helped me to create and she has fixed the errors. I highly recommend Claudette and Footprints Publishing to anyone who wants to turn their writing into a real book, I will use their fantastic services again."

Robert Craggs, Author “Moving To Chulsa”