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Released Feb 21

Where Wild Emus Roam

by Sara Whincup

Illustrated by Elvis Moody.

A beautiful and insightful children's picture book about the creatures calling The Great Western Woodlands home.

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Released Dec 20

RRP: $25.95

The Sand Bear has no Socks - 3D

The Sand Bear has no Socks

by Linda M Blackshaw

Tori and Zak go on holiday with their Grandma to the beach.

There they meet Eric the Sand Bear but he doesn't have socks and his feet are cold. What will the children do to help?

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Delilah Darkleen 3D Book Image.png

Released Oct 20

Delilah Darkleen

by Hannah-Jade Keppler

Share Delilah's innermost thoughts through her diary as she starts high school and has to deal with the pressures of being a teenager, exams, horrible boys and prefect duties.


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Released Dec 20

Is Lara Listening?

by Louisa Potter

Lara likes to daydream but it gets her into trouble at school.

Will her mum know what to do?

RRP: $9.95