Women's Fiction

Footprints Platinum Release 2020

When nearly sixteen-year-old Clara's older brother Jake is found dead in the wash on Scarborough beach, it shakes her to the core and redirects the path she's on.


After studying Psychology to try to understand why Jake ended up the way he did, she finds herself assisting with a rehab program in a low security prison. There she meets Michael, a petty criminal and alcoholic with an irresistible pull who reminds her so much of Jake and who constantly challenges her, testing her resolve to stay true to her partner, Dan.


As time moves on, Clara sets up her own practice, but cracks are forming with her work and in her relationship with Dan, not helped by Michael weaving his way in and out of her life.


Clara is treading water as she struggles to get to grips with her floundering life and drowning relationship.


Will she ever overcome the loss of Jake, and can she save Michael before it's too late?


A collision of loss and love.

Will be available in paperback and eBook formats.

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